1. Always plan ahead (schedule your move and start packing early).
  2. To save time and money, have the boxes placed in the room closest to the exit where the moving truck will park.
  3. Label the boxes on the top and the side.
  4. Do not over pack your boxes (if you can’t lift them comfortably, then they are probably too heavy).
  5. Pack the plates vertically not horizontally for strength.
  6. Call all of your utilities and make arrangements.
  7. Get a change of address from the Post Office.
  8. Have zip lock bags available for your hardware. So your furniture hardware doesn’t get misplaced.
  9. Leave yourself time to clean your old home after your move, so you can get your deposit back.
  10. Don’t stress. Moving is not the end of the world. Relax, and let Pro Movers handle the work for you.

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