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Procedure Of Moving

Pro Movers Inc will come to you and will pack everything from furniture to pencils. Our professional packers work fast and effective. All your personal items will be packed in carton boxes and will be wrapped inside by unprinted newsprint or “Bubble” as you wish.

First step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

If our movers will pack your personal belongings in our boxes, then we will provide the boxes and unprinted newsprint with wholesale prices. We promise that your furniture will be packed in blanket pads and then we will shrink-wrap it all to protect from scratches and damages right at your home or office.

Second step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.
If you are going to move your furniture in the storage place, we will pack your furniture in the cartons and then we will shrink- wrap it all right at your home or office. We will disassemble your furniture if you need it, and then assemble it again after delivery.


Third step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

To protect the glassed parts of your furniture, mirrors and pictures, we will put them between the cartons in the truck.

Fourth step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

Some of the glass and mirrored parts of the furniture which are not removable will be wrapped and padded.

Fifth step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

If you decide that you do not want to take out your personal belongings from the drawers of the dresser, we will shrink-wrap it and will move it separately.

Sixth step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

You may move your clothes on your own, but we recommend using our special wardrobe boxes to prevent it from becoming dirty and wrinkled. Wardrobes are provided FREE of charge.

Seventh Sixth step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

If you are going to move the piano or the grand piano, our experienced movers will move it safely. We have all necessary equipment to do it.

Piano moving with Pro Movers Inc.

We will use special piano board to move your piano or grand- piano on stairs or flights.

Eigth step of moving procedure with Pro Movers Inc.

If your new place has wooden floors, we could affix to your furniture legs the special felt guards to protect the floors from scratches.

No tapping of furniture to prevent damage.

We don’t put tape to furniture or glass as it will damage them.

If the refrigerator is connected to the water line, we will disconnect it. If necessary, we will disconnect your washer and dryer and connect it back on your destination place.

If you have wooden floors, we will cover it with blanket pads. At the place of destination we will arrange the furniture at your personal desire.

Pro Movers Inc
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scott R.
We found Pro Movers on Google and read a few reviews and decided to use their services for our move. We spoke with the office staff on the phone and by text and they always had an answer to our questions or concerns. Seven days before our move we received a call from our remodeling contractor saying that do to Covid our appliances would be delayed and we wouldn't be able to move in when we expected. We called the Pro's and let them know that our moving day would need to be changed to a later date but we didn't know an exact date yet. The Pro's reassured us that they would be able to work with us and that's what they did. We were able to give them a seven day lead time and they were at our door on our new rescheduled date and the move went great. Two friendly, seasoned movers helped us through what is almost always a stressful day anyway, with professional reassurance throughout the day. My wife and I were very pleased with the entire process. THEIR NAME IS EXACTLY HOW THEY PERFORMED!read more

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