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Celebrity Moves

Whether you’re an actor, musician, artist or public figure, you want to choose the right moving company. You want to be confident in handling your items with care and respect your privacy with confidentiality.

We can help you!

We at Pro Movers Inc. know how to protect your privacy. We have vast experience in celebrity moving services, which allows us to move stars without attracting too much attention to them.

Top-notch services, protected privacy and stress-free moving experience.


Stress-Free Moving for Celebrities

Pro Movers is a celebrity moving company with 9 years of experience.

Moving to a new place is always stressful. Worst of all, when a swarm of ubiquitous paparazzi is added to this stress. They strive to get some fresh, hype-like material for their publications. At such moments, it is essential to contact a reliable moving company that has experience in such situations and can guarantee your privacy. Pro Movers Inc. is a company you’re looking for.

While moving stars, we learned a lot, especially how to avoid unwanted attention.

Licensed and insured movers, big trucks; we have it all! We are happy to sign nondisclosure agreements to ensure the highest safety of your privacy. If you need us to work with your security – no problem! You can trust our moving company and be sure that our staff will do everything it takes to provide the highest quality service.

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Celebrity Moves with Pro Movers Inc.

Pro Movers Inc. is a full-service celebrity moving company. Our professional team can guarantee you a hassle-free relocation. Our movers will neatly pack all your belongings, load them into our trucks and transport them to the right place. You can be sure of confidentiality. Not a single paparazzi will know about your move. In addition, our company and all our staff are insured. This gives additional guarantees for the safety of your belongings when moving.

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scott R.
We found Pro Movers on Google and read a few reviews and decided to use their services for our move. We spoke with the office staff on the phone and by text and they always had an answer to our questions or concerns. Seven days before our move we received a call from our remodeling contractor saying that do to Covid our appliances would be delayed and we wouldn't be able to move in when we expected. We called the Pro's and let them know that our moving day would need to be changed to a later date but we didn't know an exact date yet. The Pro's reassured us that they would be able to work with us and that's what they did. We were able to give them a seven day lead time and they were at our door on our new rescheduled date and the move went great. Two friendly, seasoned movers helped us through what is almost always a stressful day anyway, with professional reassurance throughout the day. My wife and I were very pleased with the entire process. THEIR NAME IS EXACTLY HOW THEY PERFORMED!read more